Gonna re-do Claire and Penny’s faceups today, along with getting serious about their clothes :D I’ve had Penny for like 3 years and haven’t bought her anything specific to her character, and Claire doesn’t even have a wig. I’ve had her for 6 months >.<

how to make wings!


due to the popularity of the wings post i did i made a tutorial on how i make these :>

i will show you how to make something like this (this method can be applied to all sorts of wings so don’t click away!) :


they can be used as wings for your doll or as the ones i made for this tutorial for a costume (these will go on a dolls head )

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Does anyone have a SDGR Lorina recast or an EID Asa recast that they’d like  to trade for a recast minifee Chloe that comes with a red riding hood fullset?